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Adding Users
When you first run TIM, the task view will be displayed and there will be no tasks defined. Before you can create a task, you must create a user so the task will be assigned to someone. To create a user, first change to the users view by selecting "Users" from the "View" menu. In the users view, click the "New User" button to display the user creation dialog. In this dialog, enter the user's name and e-mail address, then click "OK" to add the user. Once the user is added, you can return to the tasks view by selecting "Tasks" from the "View" menu.

Creating Tasks
In the task view, you can create a task by pressing the "New Task" button. To create the task, enter the following information in the new task dialog then click the "OK" button:

  • Task Name: Enter a unique name for the task
  • Task Owner: Select a user that is responsible for performing the task
  • Next due on: If this task has a due date, click the "Select" button to bring up the date and time picker window. In the date and time picker, select the date (and time, if desired) when the task is due then click "OK".
  • Perform every: If this is a recurring task, enter a number greater than 0 in the field and select the period of time (days, weeks, months, years) you are using.
  • Task Description: In this field, you can enter additional information which describes the task
  • Task Heirarchies
    For better organization, tasks can be divided into heirarchies in which a single task is composed of several sub-tasks. When you create a task by pressing the "New Task" button, it is created as a sub-task of the currently selected task. If no task is selected when you click the "New Task" button, then the new task is created under the "All Tasks" entry. You can change the parent of a task by selecting the task and clicking the "Change Parent" button. Then double-click on the task that you want to be the new parent.

    Task View and Completing Tasks
    In the task view, tasks that are view will appear red, while tasks that are not due will appear white. In the case of task heirarchies, a task is due if its due date has passed or if any of its sub-tasks is due. To record that you have completed a task, select the task and click the "Mark Task Completed" button. An option dialog will be displayed allowing you to enter whether you completed the task today or on the day the task was originally due. It will be recorded that the task was completed on the day specified, and a new due date will be calculated if the task is recurring. Note that if a "parent" task is marked as completed, its sub-tasks are not automatically marked as completed.

    Viewing and Modifying Task Details
    To view or modify the details of a task, double-click the task on the tasks view. A dialog will come up allowing you to see all the details of a task, including all the times when the task was completed. From here you can also modify many of the attributes of the task.

    To view the "Due Tasks" report, select "Due Tasks" from the Reports menu. This will bring up the report in its own window where you can print the report or save it to a PDF file by using the options in the "File" menu.