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  • Why create TIM when there are numerous task management systems out there?

    The main reason is that I wanted a system that would work in a client/server mode on my network, but I didn't want to pay lots of money for an enterprise-grade PIM. I also wanted to create a system that is sensitive to the way we actually perform non-critical tasks. For example, if I'm supposed to trim the trees back from the house in August and I don't get to it until September, then TIM will record that I actually performed the task in September and it will be due again next September (assuming this is an annually recurring task).

  • Do I have to enter a time that a task is due?

    No. If it doesn't make sense for your task to have a due time, then you can just ignore the time.

  • Why do I have to enter an e-mail address for each user?

    In the future, I would like to add a feature where TIM will send you an e-mail reminder when a task is due (an eNag). Storing an e-mail address for each user helps make this possible.